We gladly invite you to the screening of the documentary “Tomorrow” at 6 PM on Thursday the 9th of December in Okoljski center (Trubarjeva cesta 50, Ljubljana).*

The documentary talks about communities and individuals performing positive changes in the light of all the challenges our planet and us are facing. By presenting various initiatives in several parts of the world, it is a great illustration of “Think global, act local” through agriculture, energy, education, economy and governance. And all of this in an inspirational and optimistic way! Which is not that common when it comes to climate issues…but we need this!

The screening will be followed by a discussion with Slovenian initiative carriers:
Hiša Mandrova 
Aljaž from Hiša Mandrova

Aljaž and Eva changed their way of life in 2018, renovated a house on high karst plateau mixing sustainable materials, traditional methods and current knowledge. Now, they share their experience through woodworking and regenerative farming workshops to “help inspire other people and build a community of like-minded individuals – to lean towards a future without any kind of exploitation”.

mladi za podnebno pravičnost 

Maša is an active member of Youth for Climate Jusitce in Slovenia (Mladi za podnebno pravičnost) , a self organized movement “fighting for co-creation and co-determination on new social, economic and political conditions for living together on a preserved planet.” She worked on different topics like water and air pollution from Salonit factory in Anhovo (in the eastern part of Slovenia) or hydropower plants in Litija.

The event is FREE and will be in English.
Due to restrictions related to COVID-19, it is mandatory to meet the PCT condition and register for the event at the link below (only 15 seats are available): https://docs.google.com/…/14H57eizO…/edit

* Dogodek bo potekal v angleškem jeziku. Ker je dogodek del pripravništva, ki poteka v angleščini, je v angleščini tudi vabilo.

Dogodek poteka v okviru projekta “Our food. Our Future” oziroma #GoEathics, ki ga sofinancirata Evropska komisija v okviru programa DEAR in Ministrstvo za zunanje zadeve Republike Slovenije. Stališča, izražena na dogodku, so v izključni odgovornosti organizatorja dogodka – društva Focus, in ne odražajo nujno stališč sofinancerjev.