Georgios Gkiaouris, Operation Leader


One Exchange Square

London EC2A 2JN

United Kingdom

Ljubljana, 15 February 2010

Subject: Comments of Focus Association for Sustainable Development on the EIA of the Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant Unit 6

Project name: SOSTANJ Thermal Power Plant

Country: Slovenia

Project number: 40417

Focus Association for Sustainable Development is actively working in the field of climate change and energy since 2002. We were informed recently that the Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant has applied for a loan and that the project is currently under consideration by the EBRD.

We have significant concerns regarding the project’s financial picture and its compliance with the climate and energy objectives of Slovenia. Moreover, we have also serious doubts about the actual necessity of the project. Therefore we would like to ask you to investigate some key problems (outlined below) and decide not to provide EBRD support for the project.

Celotno pismo najdete v pdf obliki tukaj: /EBRD_EIAcomments_20100215_final.pdf EBRD_EIAcomments_20100215_final.pdf  534.76 KB  16.02.2010 10:11 

Kompilacijo komentarjev treh nevladnih organizacij (Focus društvo, Umanotera, Slovenski e-forum), predstavljeno na tiskovni konferenci 17.2.2010, najdete /EBRD_TES6-01_skupno_20100217.pdf EBRD_TES6-01_skupno_20100217.pdf  166.26 KB  17.02.2010 12:01