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Financial support to third parties for CSOs targeting youths in Slovenia

Focus Association for Sustainable Developmentis Co-Beneficiary in a pan-European project called „#Go EAThics: European youth stand up for sustainable food supply chains that respect migrant workers’ rights and reduce climate change, hunger and poverty as key drivers of migration“, co-financed by the European Commission (DG Devco).

In order to support the achievement of the objectives of the Action with its main objective to contribute to the commitment of EU youth to sustainable food consumption and production, Focus is awarding financial support to third parties for implementing a third party scheme.

1 Background 

Our unjust food system has an enormous impact on climate change, forced migration and poor living and working conditions of farmers, communities, and seasonal workers around the world, especially in the global South. 

The action therefore aims to mobilise young adults (15-35 years) in the EU to adopt sustainable consumption patterns and actively support sustainable food supply chains, fair trade relations, respect for human and workers’ rights and sustainable development through improved institutional and corporate policies at EU and EU Member State level.

Through the cooperation of 16 CSOs from 13 countries, consisting of developmental, consumer, environmental and youth organisations and networks with a strategically chosen geographical focus, we represent Europe’s unity in diversity through the project, which will be conceived and implemented in the development of a pan-European campaign.

Our central approach for guaranteeing political change and a sustainable change of the target groups’ attitude and behavior, is to engage and empower European youth in a participatory way, making the youth themselves to key actors for campaign development and dissemination.

As part of the action, Focus is managing a third party scheme in Slovenia, which is a mechanism of financial support to third parties. Third parties are civil society organisations (CSOs) that are not formal partners or beneficiaries of the action but interested to contribute to its activities. The call is open to all smaller and grassroots oriented CSOs based in Slovenia that have a strong track record of reaching out and working with youths.

2 Objective of the Financial Support

The overall objective of this financial support to national third parties is to improve access to the target group in Slovenia and to gain expertise and capacities for youth campaigning at national level. 

The expected result of the call is to spread the planned #GoEAThical youth campaign via third parties that are already working with youths and are thus reaching a significantly higher number of youths with our messages as well as getting access to engaged youths and young influencers.

The applying third party organisation (the Applicant) provides a project proposal that should therefore contribute to the following specific objectives

  • improving access to the target group in Slovenia; 
  • gaining expertise and capacities for youth campaigning at national level;
  • getting capacities and experience to the overall strategy of #GoEAThical on how to target and involve youths into #GoEAThical activities; 
  • spreading the planned #GoEAThical youth campaign via third parties that are already working with youths;
  • reaching a significantly higher number of youths with our messages as well as getting access to engaged youths and young influencers.

3 Eligibility Criteria for Applicant 

A third party eligible for financial support must

  • be a legal person and  
  • be non-profitmaking and 
  • be a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) constituted in accordance with the legislation in force in Slovenia and
  • be established in Slovenia and 
  • not be a beneficiary of a grant (neither Coordinator, nor Co-Beneficiary, or affiliated entity) and not be recipient of other financial support to third party in the frame of this call for proposals (EuropeAid/160048/DH/ACT/Multi).

Furthermore, they must:

  • be a smaller & grassroot oriented NGO
  • be experienced to reach out to youths and to do (youth-specific) campaigning
  • have the administrative and financial capacity to manage the grant.

4 Target Groups

The groups targeted by the activities under this third party scheme include EU youths (15-35 y.), schools and universities, CSOs, consumers and engaged citizens. 

5 Duration and Timing

Launch of the call for proposals: 5.11.2020 

Deadline to ask questions to Focus Association for Sustainable Development: 10.11.2020

Deadline for submission of application: 15.11.2020

Publication of the selection results (notification (by email) to all applicants): 17.11.2020

Earliest possible date for start of the activities: 17.11.2020

Latest possible date for start of the activities: 1.2.2021

The project can last up to a maximum of 12 months. There is no minimum duration. 

6 Eligible activities 

The activities that will be eligible for third parties are described in the attachment below, but the focus should be on:

    • spreading the #GoEAThical campaign activities to youths in Slovenia; 
    • contributing capacities and experience to the overall strategy of #GoEAThical on how to target and involve youths into #GoEAThical activities.

7 Budget 

The maximum financial support will be limited to 15.000,00 EUR per third party project proposal.

8 Application Package 

The application to submit shall consist of the following elements: 

1) A project proposal (maximum 4 pages) (using the template in Annex 1);

2) A project budget (using the template in Annex 2)

3) A signed Declaration by the third party (‘Anti Fraud Statement’, Annex 3)

Terms of reference (ToR).

Applications shall be submitted in English. 

A full application should be sent electronically to the following e-mail address: [email protected] no later than 15.11.2020. 

Applications received after this date will not be considered.

9 Evaluation 

Selection criteria for the third party receiving financial support are:

  • Applicant’s social media capacities and experience and
  • Applicant’s experience in relevant topics, e.g. food system, migration, climate change, sustainable consumption and
  • Applicant’s involvement in national networks and extent of contacts to relevant stakeholders and
  • Applicant’s experience in the field of fair trade and
  • Applicants experience in cooperation with schools/universities.

Award criteria for the third party scheme include:

  • Relevance of the planned activities according to the objectives of the third party-scheme 
  • Efficiency of the project (impact / budget ratio). 
  • Fulfilment of the eligibility criteria of the Applicant 
  • Experience with the target groups
  • Outreach and social media capacities 
  • Experience with the relevant topic Food supply chains and sustainable consumption.  

The selection of project proposals will be made by an evaluation panel.