E-news update April 10 2007


1.1. UN report issues dire climate change warning
6 April 2007 , politics.so.uk
After all-night negotiations on the final contents of the report, representatives from governments around the world finally reached agreement on its conclusions.
The poorest are the …

Delavnica za NVO ‘Trajnostna energija’

Kar dve od ustanovitvenih pogodb EU obravnavata energijo – premog in jedrsko energijo. Ob 50. obletnici obstoja je EU prevetrila svojo energetsko politiko in pred nedavnim predstavljeni ‘energetski sveženj’ kaže, da so prizadevanja EU vse bolj vezana na podporo učinkoviti …

1.3. China , Norway in new climate pact
1.4. New report calls for decisive, concerted, sustained actions to combat climate change
1.5. Commission takes legal action against six Member States over missing information
1.6. Denmark to host 2009 U.N. summit, aims for new climate treaty
1.7. Climate change top of APEC agenda

2.1. The Greens say Biofuels Are Not Green
2.2. Commissioner Piebalgs welcomes increased cooperation with the US on energy issues
2.3. Natura Opens First of Three Spanish Biofuel Plants
2.4. Singapore to Spend US$230 Mln on Clean Energy Research
2.5. “Scrap Euratom!” demand Europeans

3.1. The winners and losers of climate change
3.2. Warming will end some species
3.3. Climate change set to overwhelm the world's poorest

4.1. "International and EU Climate Change Policies after COP 12 / MOP 2
4.2. International "Coping with Nuclear Waste" Conference
4.3. Russia and the Kyoto Protocol 2007
4.4. International Young Scholar Network for Earth Systems Science, Third Workshop
4.5. YouPEC - European Youth Perspective on Energy and Climate
4.6. IEW meeting 2007: first announcement
4.7. Scientific framework of environmental and forest governance
4.8. DISCCRS International Interdisciplinary Climate Change Symposium
4.9. COP 13, COP/MOP3

5.1. Dictionary and Introduction to Global Environmental Governance
5.2. Introduction to Energy Analysis
5.3. Size, structure and distribution of transport subsidies in Europe
5.4. Guidebook to markets and commercialization of forestry CDM projects

6.1. Capturing and storing CO2 underground - Should we be concerned?


E-news update April 2 2007


1.1. Global talks on new climate deal must start now, commissioner says
28 March 2007 , EUOBSERVER
EU environment minister Stavros Dimas wants increased European efforts to help kick-start an international post-Kyoto climate deal aimed at limiting the world’s …

Focus postal član T&E

T&E je bila ustanovljena leta 1989 in je okoljska krovna organizacija, ki deluje predvsem na področju evropske transportne politike.

T&E ima 49 članov v 21 državah, je priznana nevladna organizacija s posebnim svetovalnim statusom v ekonomsko-socialnem svetu ZN, koordinira mednarodno …