ENERGISE recognises cultural change as a key ingredient in successful energy transitions. Individual energy consumption is a function of who we are, where we come from, and the socio-cultural and material contexts in which we live. Societal norms and routines with regard to work, education, family life, consumption and recreation greatly determine our patterns of energy use as well as our ability and/or willingness to change those patterns. Without a comprehensive understanding of these energy cultures, public policy measures to reduce energy consumption at the individual or household levels are likely to fail. ENERGISE adopts a Living Labs approach to [več ...]

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ENGAGER is a research network aimed at developing and strengthening an international community of researchers and practitioners focused on combating energy poverty – a condition typically manifested by the inability to secure adequate levels of domestic energy services (such as heating, lighting, cooling, appliances). ENGAGER brings together scholars and practitioners based both within and outside Europe who focus on various aspects of complex energy poverty challenges. The ENGAGER 2017-2021 COST Action seeks to bring about transformational change in the investigation and amelioration of household-level energy poverty in Europe. It is facilitating the development of comprehensive, innovative and evidence-based policy frameworks. [več ...]

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Unify: Bringing the EU together on climate action aims to facilitate the effective and early transition of Member States across Europe to low carbon and resilient economies by unifying three key policy opportunities: programming of EU funds, National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs), and national and the EU’s Long Term Strategies. Through its targeted activities in 10 Member States and at the EU level, the Unify project showcases that if these three key EU policy processes are consistent, ambitious and in line with the Paris Agreement objectives, they could help all EU Member States to step up climate action. Through [več ...]

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