INCITE-DEM: Citizens Reinventing Democracy

The challenges of the transforming world test the capacity of our democracies in terms of democratic participation, political trust, and societal consensus. Citizen participation and co-creation processes are critical to support representative democracy processes and improve the quality of political decisions. New Horizon project INCITE-DEM aims at enhancing inclusive participation and civic engagement, while expanding democratic innovation and dynamic feedback mechanisms between citizens and institutional actors in representative democracies. Based on research, the project will experiment with inclusive design processes for democratic innovation in practice, by setting up so called democracy labs in 6 countries. Experiences and research will [več ...]

14. 7. 2023|

Imported deforestation

DESCRIPTION and PURPOSE The European institutions are coordinating on the so-called Anti-Deforestation Regulation (Regulation on the import/export of certain product groups related to deforestation and forest degradation). Support for such a law is high, with 8 out of 10 Europeans supporting a ban on deforestation. Under the Regulation, companies importing/exporting and selling products in Europe will be obliged to carry out a mandatory due diligence process. Only raw materials and products for which importers and traders can prove that their production does not cause deforestation will be traded on the EU market. The regulation is currently being negotiated in [več ...]

27. 10. 2022|


RENOVERTY will foster energy efficiency building upgrades in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)/Southeastern Europe (SEE) countries, as well as Southern European countries (SE), by setting the methodological and practical frame to build renovation roadmaps of vulnerable rural districts in a financially viable and socially just manner. The project will design operating single or multi-household roadmaps for rural areas, and a scalable model to ensure the wide geographically replicability and take-up of the roadmaps, at both the CEE/SEE and SE regions and scale it up for the entire EU. Specifically, the project activities aim to deliver tools and resources [več ...]

27. 10. 2022|

Enough for All

The activities of the platform Enough for All – Sustainable Management of Community Resources for the period 2019–2026 take place in the framework of the LIFE IP CARE4CLIMATE project (LIFE17 IPC/SI/000007). It is an integral project that employs awareness-raising, education and training of key stakeholders to promote the implementation of measures that will help Slovenia reduce greenhouse gas emissions more effectively by 2030, i.e. a transition to a low-carbon society as quickly as possible. The platform Enough for All – Sustainable Management of Community Resources is based on the idea that we cannot ensure our wellbeing as individuals, but must [več ...]

27. 10. 2022|


LIFE IP CARE4CLIMATE - an integral project that will use awareness campaigns, education and training of key stakeholders to encourage the implementation of measures that will enable Slovenia to achieve its greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. Focus implements or participates in the implementation of the following project activities: raising awareness of climate change and its impacts on Slovenia, and promoting good practices in the field greenhouse gas emissions reductions; providing support to local communities for the transition to a low-carbon society – including through a Focus-managed online platform for sustainable management of community resources; capacity building for low-carbon society [več ...]

21. 10. 2022|
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